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 Parent Directory       14-Dec-18 17:53      -  
 104562690.png          16-Jan-10 08:52     9K  image/png
 200yd-sm.jpg           20-Oct-07 18:02    45K  image/jpeg
 29542.PNG              13-Dec-05 06:31     4K  image/png
 3cxsketch.jpg          14-Nov-17 19:57    82K  image/jpeg
 4Shot.png              10-Oct-07 18:13   699K  image/png
 AFProc.png             23-Jan-06 18:43    21K  image/png
 AllanBatt.png          09-Oct-07 20:26     1K  image/png
 anisanta3.gif          12-Dec-06 22:21     5K  image/gif
 AOGuidingSettings.png  13-May-15 21:11    34K  image/png
 archives.html          17-Mar-05 07:34     1K  Flying Above the Clouds Archives
 ArithNotRegex.png      03-Jan-07 08:47     3K  image/png
 ascomdir.png           29-May-18 08:36   194K  image/png
 AscomHangout.png       10-Jul-12 13:46   676K  image/png
 atcsbarstow.jpg        02-Aug-19 11:13    31K  image/jpeg
 AtomBomb.jpg           26-Jul-07 18:22     5K  image/jpeg
 BobAndFox3.jpg         30-Aug-13 09:15   153K  image/jpeg
 BobTn.jpg              04-Aug-05 18:13     8K  image/jpeg
 BobTnIcon.jpg          08-Sep-06 23:19    <1K  image/jpeg
 BobTnSq.gif            01-Aug-06 07:25    11K  image/gif
 ccmww1.jpg             04-Oct-11 09:58    85K  image/jpeg
 cdc469.jpg             11-Apr-11 13:34    55K  image/jpeg
 cic.jpg                10-May-23 10:27     8M  image/jpeg
 CoyleAward.jpg         25-Dec-13 22:42   183K  image/jpeg
 dfc.jpg                30-Aug-13 08:57    <1K  image/jpeg
 DownwindTakeoff.jpg    09-Mar-16 11:26   145K  image/jpeg
 drng1.jpg              14-Nov-17 20:52   141K  image/jpeg
 drng2.jpg              14-Nov-17 20:54   188K  image/jpeg
 Fox1NVG.JPG            15-Dec-13 12:04   143K  image/jpeg
 FrankClips.wmv         09-Dec-07 21:02     7M  application/octet-stream
 guideascom.png         29-May-18 08:39    73K  image/png
 GuiderOffset1.png      07-Aug-15 09:15   186K  image/png
 GuiderOffset2.png      07-Aug-15 09:16    14K  image/png
 HAIAwards.jpg          25-Dec-13 22:14   127K  image/jpeg
 HigginsStar.png        06-Jun-08 20:12     3K  image/png
 HXPHANT.png            20-Sep-15 12:44    96K  image/png
 imfd5noshare.png       06-Oct-07 11:02    44K  image/png
 IMG_0893.PNG           16-Sep-15 17:32     7M  image/png
 index-full.xml         17-Mar-05 07:34    <1K  application/octet-stream
 intuareg.png           17-Aug-16 12:03    55K  image/png
 LocusActionShot.png    25-Mar-14 11:57   106K  image/png
 LotsaDocs.jpg          07-Aug-15 14:33   190K  image/jpeg
 lt1.png                03-Dec-12 16:09    46K  image/png
 lt1b.png               03-Dec-12 15:13   173K  image/png
 lt2.png                03-Dec-12 16:10    72K  image/png
 lt2b.png               03-Dec-12 15:19   439K  image/png
 lt3.png                03-Dec-12 16:10    60K  image/png
 lt3b.png               03-Dec-12 15:20   340K  image/png
 lt4.png                03-Dec-12 16:15    60K  image/png
 lt4b.png               03-Dec-12 15:19   392K  image/png
 lt5.png                03-Dec-12 16:10    68K  image/png
 lt5b.png               03-Dec-12 15:30   448K  image/png
 lt6.png                03-Dec-12 16:10    74K  image/png
 lt6b.png               03-Dec-12 15:33   519K  image/png
 macvsog.jpg            30-Aug-13 09:04    12K  image/jpeg
 MainlineSwitch.png     22-Jun-18 16:38   401K  image/png
 MapleMess.png          09-Feb-16 09:36    23K  image/png
 Marvin-Martian-icon.p> 17-Oct-11 15:04    27K  image/png> 11-Nov-12 18:40     8K  image/png
 MaxSkyTelescope.png    31-Jan-13 11:08   239K  image/png
 MeNFrank.jpg           18-Jan-08 23:21     9K  image/jpeg
 MeNPeppy.jpg           01-Feb-12 20:51     8K  image/jpeg
 MeTFO.png              14-Nov-12 23:40   216K  image/png
 MeTFO64x64.png         09-Jun-14 15:22    10K  image/png
 MultShot.gif           10-Oct-07 20:16    18K  image/gif
 MultShot.png           10-Oct-07 18:11   729K  image/png
 navig1.png             28-May-15 11:06   398K  image/png
 navig2.png             28-May-15 11:05   344K  image/png
 NeighborhoodMapPilot.> 09-Oct-15 18:28     7M  image/png
 NexUpdFail.jpg         25-Aug-13 09:02     2M  image/jpeg
 pbrackguide.png        29-May-18 10:55   488K  image/png
 pexp7.jpg              01-Feb-11 20:32    96K  image/jpeg
 Plat5Reg1.png          08-Oct-08 08:59     7K  image/png
 Plat5Reg2.png          08-Oct-08 09:00     5K  image/png
 PS2kSnap1.png          16-Aug-07 07:18     9K  image/png
 PS2kSnap2.png          16-Aug-07 11:47     6K  image/png
 PS2kSnap3.png          16-Aug-07 12:04    21K  image/png
 PS2kSnap4.png          16-Aug-07 12:40     5K  image/png
 PS2kSnap5.png          16-Aug-07 14:21     2K  image/png
 PSBar1.png             17-Mar-08 20:42   210K  image/png
 PSBar2.png             17-Mar-08 20:44   203K  image/png
 psbb1.png              10-Jan-07 12:35     8K  image/png
 psbb2.png              10-Jan-07 12:36    <1K  image/png
 psbb3.png              10-Jan-07 12:36     3K  image/png
 psintb.png             26-Dec-06 21:39    13K  image/png
 rbdmcso.jpg            16-Dec-05 14:08    61K  image/jpeg
 rbdtaskf1.jpg          27-Dec-05 14:59    90K  image/jpeg
 rbdtaskf2.jpg          27-Dec-05 15:01    88K  image/jpeg
 RegExNotRecog.png      03-Jan-07 08:49     3K  image/png
 RegExOk.png            03-Jan-07 08:50     2K  image/png
 ROD-RBD-A26-800.jpg    12-Aug-14 19:48   265K  image/jpeg
 ROD-RBD-A26.jpg        17-Jun-12 05:34     1M  image/jpeg
 rsd.xml                17-Mar-05 07:34    <1K  application/octet-stream
 Screenshot_2012-07-25> 25-Jul-12 20:48  1022K  image/png
 Screenshot_2012-07-26> 26-Jul-12 12:46   197K  image/png
 Screenshot_2012-07-26> 26-Jul-12 13:10    35K  image/png
 Screenshot_2012-07-26> 26-Jul-12 14:42   137K  image/png
 Screenshot_2012-08-03> 03-Aug-12 10:17    12K  image/png
 Screenshot_2012-08-03> 03-Aug-12 10:16    24K  image/png
 Screenshot_2012-08-03> 03-Aug-12 18:20    22K  image/png
 Screenshot_2012-08-20> 20-Aug-12 10:13   125K  image/png
 SFMedia.png            06-Aug-09 15:13    13K  image/png
 Snap4-adj.png          14-Nov-12 23:34   408K  image/png
 ssttv2.png             26-Jan-14 12:29    23K  image/png
 ssttv3.png             26-Jan-14 12:26    41K  image/png
 styles-site.css        17-Mar-05 07:34     5K  text/css
 tabwithvideo.jpg       06-Jul-19 09:28    72K  image/jpeg
 tapatalk1.png          23-Mar-12 20:10   152K  image/png
 taskf1.jpg             27-Dec-05 15:04    97K  image/jpeg
 taskf2.jpg             27-Dec-05 15:07    61K  image/jpeg
 taskf3.jpg             27-Dec-05 15:08    88K  image/jpeg
 thread.png             23-Mar-12 20:06    30K  image/png
 TIHFail.png            14-May-11 06:31    77K  image/png
 TIHFailErr.png         14-May-11 06:35    30K  image/png
 TrinitySchoolMapPilot> 16-Sep-15 17:32     7M  image/png
 TS18Scen.jpg           06-Jun-18 14:51    36K  image/jpeg
 UndockFilters.png      12-Apr-11 09:27    86K  image/png
 vegasAudio.png         06-Aug-09 15:19     6K  image/png
 VegasVideoOpts.PNG     04-Dec-07 20:45    49K  image/png
 vowhat1.png            14-Feb-09 06:40    43K  image/png
 vowhat2.png            14-Feb-09 06:40    99K  image/png
 vowhatval.png          14-Feb-09 06:53    15K  image/png
 w8aol.jpg              30-Apr-12 17:12    45K  image/jpeg
 WestAzDist.png         29-Dec-13 09:58   473K  image/png
 Win7ADB.png            15-Sep-10 14:12     4K  image/png
 Win7HBOOT.png          15-Sep-10 14:29     4K  image/png
 WinXpADB.png           15-Sep-10 14:12     3K  image/png
 WinXpHBOOT.png         15-Sep-10 14:32     3K  image/png
 YardSwitch.png         22-Jun-18 16:36   455K  image/png
 yimp.png               31-Oct-05 07:16     3K  image/png
 YThreadView.png        09-Nov-11 09:24    40K  image/png
 zassmess.png           02-Mar-07 20:00    76K  image/png