Applying November 2010 OTA to STOCK 2.2/FroYo rooted Incredible
by Bob Denny 23-Nov-2010 (rev. for FAT32 note)

Thanks to for the wrappable monospaced text to HTML conversion. I had this in a Notepad file.

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You'll need the OTA, which is available direct from Google. Click this link to get it:
You'll also need ClockWork (the latest) and Superuser (the latest):
Ready? Here goes...
1. As needed, disable Tasker, System Monitor, SetCPU, AutoMemoryManager, and Widget Locker
    1. Tasker -> Off
    2. System Monitor -> Monitoring Enabled -> Off
    3. AutoMemoryManager -> Default
    4. SetCPU -> Profiles -> Enable -> Off
    5. WidgetLocker -> Settings -> Enabled -> Off
2. Restore any crap-ware that was hidden into to their original places. IMPORTANT! I put all the crapware into /system/app.crap and /system/framework.crap. Move that stuff back into their respective non-crap folders and delete the crap folders. You can use a convenient root shell (Android SDK and HBOOT drivers required on PC):
    a. Boot into HBOOT (vol-down + power)
    b. Recover -> Clockwork recovery
    c. Open Windows Device Manager
    d. Plug in USB, wait till Android USB Devices node appears in Windows Device Manager
    e. In Clockwork, select mounts and storage
    f. Now select mount /system
    g. On Windows, open a cmd shell to the Android SDK tools folder
    h. > adb shell ->  ~ #  (This is a special shell, you are already root)
    i. Move the stuff
    j. Exit from the shell
    k. Back in ClockWork, unmount /system
    l. Unplug USB
    m. Press Power to reveal the ++++Go Back++++ menu
    n. Go back and select Reboot System Now. Let it boot normally.
3. Make a copy of the OTA and name it Copy this to the ROOT of the SD card however you want. 
4. (Re)Boot into HBOOT (vol-down + power)
5. RECOVER -> ClockWork recovery
6. Trackball-select "apply" and push the trackball. THIS IS IT...
7. Scroll to the "yes" line and again push the trackball.
8. The update process will begin, and take several minutes.
9. When it is finished, Clockwork will say "Reboot via menu to finish installation" and the cursor will be on the - reboot system now item. Just press the trackball. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO GO TO "apply" OR YOU WILL BE HOSED!
10. When the Droid Incredible starts again, it will be running the OTA update 3.26.605. The initial boot will be long and involved:
    a. Start with arrow out of a box and flash a few times
    b. Reboot again (HTC Incredible)
    c. Start with circle/down arrows and thermometer this time
    d. Reboot again (HTC Incredible), then you'll see the "Droid" boot animation
    e. Show Droid Eye for a very long time, be patient!
    f. The lockscreen will appear and it will "prepare phone storage" twice.
    g. Wait 30 sec and unlock the screen now. The keyboard tutorial will appear. Skip it.
    h. It will now say "Loading" and eventually the normal home screen will appear. 
    i. You may have to recycle the WiFi to get it to connect.
    j. Settings, About Phone, Software Information, Software Number should be 3.26.605.1 (Nov OTA).
11. Take a look around, everything should be OK. But you will not be rooted! TAKE A BREAK.
**  Possible Side effect: It's possible that all of your icons on the desktop will be doubled! Remove the "top"" ones to get proper operation. It didn't happen to me :-)
12. Remove the UPDATE.ZIP file from the sdcard root(!!!!!).
13. Copy ClockWork Recovery (PB31IMG).zip to just plain PB31IMG.ZIP on the SD root.
14. (Re)boot into HBOOT and let it apply that (vol-up). It's really fast.
15. When asked to reboot (vol-up), let it boot normally!
16. When it's booted, remove the file from the SD card.
17. Copy to the SD card root.
18. (Re)boot into HBOOT -> RECOVERY and verify ClockWork 
19. Now use ClockWork's "Install zip from SD" (not the one that applies!!!!!), then "choose zip from sdcard", and select Scrolling UP with the trackball is likely the fastest way to get to it. You should see it install Superuser 2.3.4 for Eclair/FroYo. If you see "Enjoy" it went in OK!
20. Use ++++Go Back+++ till you "reboot system now", then reboot normally. If all goes well you'll again be rooted and you'll now be running the OTA update!
** Shortly you will see a Superuser request from SetCPU. Allow and remember it. That's an indication that you are rooted.
21. Remove the file from the SD card. If you use Astro, it will request Superuser. Allow/remember.
22. Re-enable Tasker, System Monitor, SetCPU, AutoMemoryManager, and Widget Locker. Re-check the perflock disabler in SetCPU
23. Do a nandroid backup now, and save a copy on the PC. Mark it SAVE.
24. Only after this nandroid backup, re-remove crapware if you want.