File/Folder Customization Tool (Template Generator)

In order to make the file and folder customization system a bit easier to understand, we've provided this tool. With it, you can create the template string based on some common configurations. Answer the questions below and you'll see your template changing. We start out with the standard "one size fits all" for the selected class of customization (in the first question):



Example resulting path/name:


Select the options you want:

  1. Which class of ACP files are you customizing?

  2. Organized into folders by run date or by target name?

  3. Separate folders for each color/band?

  4. Names made unique using Set-Repeat-Count or UTC Date@Time?

If Using DropBox or Other Cloud Sync

In this case, images will not be in their usual places (as defined by $DEFPATH). Remote users will not be able to retrieve images via ACP's web My Documents, nor by ACP's FTP server. Setting up your ImageFileConfig template depends on whether you are the only user/observer or there are multiple users/observers on a shared observatory.

  1. Images shared among all users (or just you if the only observer)?

noteDo not map log files into DropBox or other cloud service! For details see Using Dropbox or Other Cloud Sync.